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tiny tracker is an easy-to-use online learning journal for nurseries, pre-schools and reception classes

Observe and monitor how young children are progressing throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage and capture every special moment along the way. tiny tracker is an EYFS tracker and learning journal that allows observers to share evidence with parents so that they can see for themselves how their children flourish at the start of their learning journey.

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How does tiny tracker benefit me?

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Nurseries, Pre-schools, Reception classes & Childminders

tiny tracker allows early years professionals to track progress against all 17 aspects of the EYFS Ages & Stages Framework.

Observers can easily identify and track trends across cohorts as well as creating individual and key group progress reports.

Observing Children Throughout their Early Years

We understand how important it is that learning remains fun which is why we have designed tiny tracker to make observations easy to capture.

Practitioners can quickly make observations on any device, including mobiles and tablets, meaning that there is minimal distraction from play.

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Parents and carers

Parents may find it difficult to leave their young children as they go about their busy lives.

Through tiny tracker's Learning Journal parents and carers can see with ease the fun their children are having and the progress they are making.

Sharing evidence through the Parent Passport results in greater parent engagement in their child’s early education.

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tiny tracker Key Features

Observe children

Observe children throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Track and monitor how your children are progressing against multiple Curriculum frameworks including EYFS and ELG learning methods.


Make notes on toilet habits, dietary requirements and medical needs

tiny tracker allows practitioners to capture every trip, fall, nappy change and diary every meal, so parents are up-to-date with every aspect of their child’s day.


Upload pictures, videos and audio files to evidence your observations

Observations can be made quickly and from any device making it easy for staff to capture those special moments on the go. Observations can be captured in any format including pictures, video and audio files.